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Fast Drain Clearing Across Southern California

Get your drain clogs cleared fast in your Los Angeles, Orange County or Inland Empire home by the rapid response team of experts at Drain Champions. We use a number of techniques to ensure your drain is cleared quickly and even offer solutions that will help prevent any future clogging. We're already the company of choice in other homes and businesses for their drain blockage issues and you can read what some of our delighted customers had to say about their experience here and about our commitment to customer satisfaction here.


Drain Champions can assist with all your blocked drain needs, including:

1. Kitchen Drains

The kitchen drain is the most susceptible drain to blockages due to the build up in the pipes of foods, grease and fats, and soaps and detergents. Our Drain Champion experts use specialist equipment to ensure all debris and traces are removed leaving your kitchen sink to function like brand new.


2. Bathroom Sink

Another household drain susceptible to blockages is the bathroom sink due to the build up of particles such as hair, toothpaste, soaps and grime. Drain Champions can clear your drain thoroughly and quickly for you leaving your drain to work just like new.

3. Bathtub & Shower Drains

If the water in your bathtub or shower is slow to drain away, Drain Champions can clear any blockage you may have quickly for you and have your drainage working as it should be.

4. Blocked Toilets

Drain Champions can clear your toilet blockage fast with the use of specialist equipment. No matter what the obstruction, the flexible cable is inserted in the toilet and the spinning blades work fast to cut through any obstruction to not only clear the blockage, but will clean your pipes in the process.

5. Floor Drains

If you're experiencing drainage issues in the floor drains in your laundry, basement or garage, we can assess the blockage and clear it fast to ensure water in these areas continues to be carried away uninhibited and avoiding the risk of any flooding or water damage to surrounding areas.

6. Hydro-Jet Cleaning

Drain Champions have invested in the high powered hydro-jet cleaning system that is so effective at clearing blockages and cleaning your drains and pipes, that we even guarantee the line against any future blockages when used in conjunction with a video camera inspection. You can read more about our hydro-jetting service on this page here.

7. Preventative Drain Cleaning

Drain Champions offer regularly cleaning of your drains so you can avoid the inconvenience of drain blockages in the future.

For all your blocked drain clearing and cleaning in Los Angeles, Orange County and the inland Empire, call and speak with the drain clearing experts at Drain Champions today.

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Why Choose Drain Champions

When you choose Drain Champions for your drain and plumbing needs in the Los Angeles, Orange County and Inland Empire areas, you can be sure of a guaranteed first-class service each and every time.


Drain Champions are a fully licensed and insured plumbing company which employs only the most qualified and experienced service technicians available. We also ensure our staff continue to receive up to date training in order to maintain the highest of standards.


Drain Champions won't keep you waiting unnecessarily. We work around-the-clock from multiple locations in fully stocked service vehicles to respond to your calls quickly and on-time.


All our pricing is calculated on a per job basis, which means that once diagnosed, we're able to furnish you with a full price of the work you require before you make a decision.


No matter what time of the day or night you have a plumbing emergency we respond to your call quickly. Drain Champions technicians are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for your complete convenience.


Our technicians have the knowledge, experience and expertise to provide a first-class assessment, repair and service for any plumbing problem you may have.


We guarantee that you will receive a first-class service that you'll be delighted with each and every time you use our services.